Meet the Protags

I did some fun characters aesthetics on Twitter for my main first work, “Swan Song”. It’s a queer high fantasy focusing on magic, relationships, and the impact of gods. Here are the mood boards – enjoy!


Synx té Shen is the Heir to his country, Raq té Kesh – though not by choice. He prides himself on being smart and clever, and his true love is learning. He doesn’t want the responsibility or attention that comes with his position. He hates confrontation and conflicts, which isn’t  great for a future ruler. Synx is dedicated to his hobbies – his favourite being dancing. He often goes out to taverns to experience local culture, dance, and maybe find a handsome man to spend the night with. He’s got a big heart and sense of romance, though he has trouble loving himself.


T’almaeda Lor’waife is the Crown Prince of La’danhei, eager to rule and get out from the shadow of his formidable mothers. He acts before he thinks, makes friends with everyone, and talks a LOT. T’almaeda is brave – recklessly so, getting into trouble or fights because he can or he wants attention. He’s very stubborn and has very strong morals, which can be good or lead him to disaster. T’almaeda is a HUGE flirt and very bi, though he is terrible at commitment.


Murrian Obbrum never forgets a wrong. She’s impatient, but not brash: she cuts to the chase and doesn’t hold back. She’s clever, often getting to a conclusion faster than the rest of the group. Honest to a fault, she’s hard to get close to, but when she opens up she’s got a fistful of jokes and banter. Murrian cares deeply about her friends and family, though she’s not great at showing it. She wants to do everything she can for them. Murrian is ambitious, yet realistic. She wants what she knows she deserves, nothing more. She has no tolerance for cowards like Synx.


A’zhali Ba’toheen is incredibly self absorbed. Everything she does is for herself, and she’s going to tell everyone about it. She is a gift to this world, strong, smart, beautiful, and she won’t let you forget it. A’zhali has a self-declared rivalry with T’almaeda. She’s spent her life training in order to defeat him for the throne through a formal challenge. She’s very book smart, but not very street smart or people smart – she’s bad at noticing emotions and is quite gullible.


Jhel té Kratt is Synx’s older half brother and one of the main antagonists. He’s logical and frank, yet still charismatic, gathering people to himself with ease. To him the world is black and white. There is no middle ground: things are right or wrong. Jhel feels overlooked because… he was overlooked when Synx was chosen as Heir before him. Jealousy bubbles beneath the surface, and it fuels him: he’s incredibly accomplished and well respected as a swordsman and leader. It’s just not enough for him.

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