Houses and Signs of “Swan Song”

I saw a fun post for a hashtag game on Twitter: listing your protagonist’s star signs and Hogwarts houses, and how well they fit. It’s a classic, and one I’ve answered before—but I adore the question and am always willing to answer it over and over.

Since my characters are in a fantasy with different time rules, I based their possible star signs on the element associated most with them, and picked from there. I’m very satisfied with what I picked, and can’t see myself changing these (barring any major rewrites, of course).

Synx té Shen
Element: Water | House: Ravenclaw | Sign: Pisces

Synx is a pretty standard Ravenclaw: he loves learning and values it as the most important part of his life. He craves knowledge—not just academics, but arts and sports, his favourites being diving, archery, dance, and, against his will, magic. He’s very clever, quickly able to piece information together. He doesn’t really like puzzles and riddles, but he has the ability to solve them if need be.

As a Pisces, Synx is a mixed bag of closely following the tropes and having nothing to do with them. He’s a huge escapist, very introverted, and his passion is dancing. He’s a romantic at heart, though he does his best to keep that tight under wraps. He’s a terrible helper, not often willing to go out of his way for others. He’s also bad at emotional support, not knowing what to say or how to listen and react to others’ feelings.

Synx is always associated with the water: its movements, its temperament, its strength and majesty. He can be hard to pin down, but is beautiful to watch.

T’almaeda Lor’waife
Element: Air | House: Gryffindor | Sign: Gemini

T’almaeda is Gryffindor to his core. He is brave to the point of stupidity, obsessed with proving himself, yearning to be a hero. He’s not afraid to damn the rules to do it, and somehow manages to wiggle out of consequences more often than not. He’s brash, rarely thinking through his ideas before acting on them. He can’t stand to see injustice happening in front of him and will always intervene.

Gemini is a sign of communication and duality. T’almaeda is very chatty indeed—he’s a huge extrovert who loves attention and friends. He’s great at connecting people and loves discussions and teaching others. However, on the other side, he’s set in his ways and incredibly stubborn. He isn’t likely to hop from idea to idea like a Gemini might, going with one and sticking with it far too long.

T’almaeda is like the air, light and sustaining those around him. He’s in your face far too often, but he’s always a familiar, welcome presence.

Murrian Obbrum
Element: Earth | House: Slytherin | Sign: Capricorn

Murrian wavers between Slytherin and Hufflepuff as traits go, but would choose Slytherin as her house. She loves and cares for her family more than anything, but it’s her ambition and drive that power her. She weighs outcomes before acting, always looking for the best path. She isn’t all for self-preservation: she will act to save those she loves before herself, and she hates running away from a fight even when it’s the wisest choice.

Capricorn is one of my favourite Zodiac signs, and Murrian fits it in a very classic way. She has high standards for herself, and is ambitious, determined, and driven—all the things that make her a Slytherin also make her a Capricorn. She’s very closed off emotionally, only allowing certain people into her inner circle. She can become angry at a moment’s notice, especially when others don’t live up to her own exacting (and often unachievable) standards.

Like earth, Murrian is hard to change or move when she doesn’t want to. She’s a strong foundation, a powerful ally, and wise beyond her years.

A’zhali Ba’toheen
Element: Fire | House: Slytherin | Sign: Leo

Unlike Murrian, who could fit well in Hufflepuff as well, A’zhali is Slytherin to the bone (minus all the gross racism, of course). She defines ambition, determination, and cleverness. She’s incredibly smart and dedicated to learning, but all with the end goal of getting ahead. She thinks the world of herself even when she shouldn’t. Other peoples’ feelings come second to her own, and her life comes first. How can she succeed if she’s dead?

A’zhali is most of the negative aspects of a Leo: she’s dramatic, selfish, aggressive, and cold. Most of the positive traits such as their caring nature and protective qualities don’t apply to her—but that doesn’t make her a bad person, just an arrogant one. She’s still a born leader, able to energize those around her through sheer confidence. She’s amazing at planning and lets nothing fall to the wayside.

Intensity is A’zhali’s calling card, which is why she’s associated with fire. She can give life or death, and is always consuming to further her own goals.

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-ashe mocaw

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