Minor Rebranding

(Apologies this is late going up, I had a busy week!)

As you may have noticed, I did a little rebranding across my accounts last week. I’m very excited about this change and definitely want to tell you all a little more about my decision making and creative process, as I try and make all my headers, promo material, etc. myself.

My previous themes were all focused around the wonderful art that QTT made for me during our zine run. It coincided perfectly with my need for a new icon, and they were kind enough to let me use it as my public facing avatar for some time. Now, though, I want to get a few professional headshots done to have on hand for submissions (and to feel all fancy), and will likely use one as my avatar across my accounts once taken. With these plans in the works, I thought to myself, why not do something fun?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t actually enjoy the colour yellow. I dislike it. There’s too many ways it can go wrong. However, I do super love space, stars, and cool colours, and possess the ability to make fake galaxies in Photoshop. I thought to myself, why not? And started creating!

I made many different versions, since each site has different dimensions for their headers and posts, which is only slightly annoying. It did give me a chance to make different copy, promoting all the places to find me across websites, including or excluding my tagline as needed.

Branding doesn’t come naturally to me; I studied it in university and did a lot of work on it during my former job. So don’t worry if you see this and go “Oh my gosh, should I be able to do that too?” You don’t have to! Please do not fret! The most important thing is consistency, so everyone can tell at a glance that it’s the same you as Twitter, or Patreon, or on your blog. The second most important thing is for it to reflect your personality & writing. There’s lots of magic, massive worlds, stars, and darkness in my works, so it doubles as a way to understand my writing in an image.

I’m quite enjoying the look of it, and think I’ll stick with it for quite some time. I hope you all enjoy it as well!

A reminder that all my Patreons $2+ get access to my blog posts a week early.

Sending magic your way,
Ashe Mocaw

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