Working Hard

Hey everyone! A combination blog post + Patreon update a little late into the beginning of August. Thank you again for supporting me and showing interest in my works.

After 6 months of job hunting, I finally have a full time position starting August 12. I’ve also started work as the social media manager for NEOKOSMOS (which you should definitely also check out if you like sci-fi, queer characters, aliens, and stories about overcoming abuse. Also, there are space pirates). That’s 2 jobs! I haven’t had any full time employment since I started my Patreon, so that’s exciting news for all of us.

What does this mean for backers & followers specifically? Nothing will change reward wise. I still will be writing away at Swan Song and Magnolia’s story (which is going to need a new working title…). I’ll be catching up on writing tips, worldbuilding posts, and hopefully blog posts or short stories. They might just come through a little slower as I get myself organized. Though I might be losing a lot of raw writing time, it’s going to a good use, keeping me fed and alive. It’ll also let me save up for an iPad/keyboard, allowing me to write on my commute or on my lunch, which will help me get some of that time back.

I will be shutting down my tarot reading commissions on Ko-Fi by the end of the month, though it will remain open as a tip jar for people to slide me spare change and fund my love of snacks. While I love doing readings, I won’t have time for them, and I opened them to help pay for my bills while I was jobless. Since that’s resolved, they will be closing, and I’ll be sure to announce on my Twitter before it happens. If you want one, get it now before they’re gone!

This also means I’ll have money to set aside to try and make mail-out rewards. Since TUA CULPA I’ve wanted to work on another zine, but definitely needed the backing of employment to get it off the ground and give me peace of mind. I haven’t picked a theme, but I ¬†love tarot, astrology, witchy-things, Celtic myths… I have a lot of options! And I’m always open to suggestions.

I’m not the most organized person, though I want to be, so I hope that I will keep things rolling here and make progress (if slower) on my novels & continue to share rewards. Here’s to the full time jobs that let us be creative and the side-jobs that let us follow our passions (and help friends! Again, go read NEOKOSMOS).

Sending magic your way,
Ashe Mocaw

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