Wheel of Time Favourites

I’ve finally hit the final 3 books of Wheel of Time, a series I love deeply and began reading a few years ago after hearing news of the TV show being made. I knew of the series for years—it’s hard to go into a fantasy section without seeing them—but never made the plunge. Having finished Knife of Dreams late August, and about to start The Gathering Storm, I wanted to recap a few of my favourite and most hated moments, characters…celebrating my love for a grand series. Yes, I count complaining as love.

Please note there will be spoilers for the books up until The Gathering Storm, and please try not to spoil me for the Last Battle! I know some of what will happen (and I know the series is quite old so it’s hard to avoid spoilers at this point), but I also know how respectful WoT fans are of each other. Thank you!

Favourite characters: Egwene al’Vere, Faile Bashere, Perrin Aybara, Aviendha

Egwene: smart, tougher than she seems, yet still caring. Such a well rounded female character who I instantly loved, and only love more each book. When she became Amyrlin I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role.

Faile: tough and loving, fierce and protective. Faile stole my heart when she accidentally named herself after a horse. Her and Perrin’s romance is my favourite.

Perrin: Mat tries to be a reluctant hero, but Perrin pulls it off better. His thoughtfulness and pain get to me the most of the three protagonists. Gentle giants are my weakness.

Aviendha: she’s tough, funny, and has red hair. Pretty much my ideal girl.

Least favourite characters: Mazrim Taim, Elaida a’Roihan, Sevanna, Masema Dagar

Taim: I hate every aspect of this slimy man. Ugh.

Elaida: all her decisions make me angry. I disliked her the first moment we met her in Camelyn and I was very disappointed she was a recurring major character. She’s not that clever for someone who claims to be.

Sevanna: is it possible to like Sevanna? I hope I’ve seen the last of her.

Masema: probably goes without saying why he’s on this list. Cruel, unsympathetic, and he betrays Perrin constantly.

Favourite setting: The Three-fold Land/Aiel Waste

I like deserts with interesting worldbuilding! I love the idea of the clans and septs, all the different roles, the fight for water and food. The Wise Ones always make me grin, and I love the attitude that comes from such a harsh desert. Plus, the background with how they used to be Tinkers/pacifists and slowly became warriors because of the cruelty and necessity of the world was AMAZING. I always want more scenes with the Aiel.

Least favourite settings: Valan Luca’s Travelling Circus, Ebou Dar

Luca just barely escaped my least favourite character list himself, and his setting is no better. It’s dull, the drama boring, and I do not care about the animals or performers. Ebou Dar dragged, and I didn’t find it that interesting to read about at any moment.

Favourite moments: Cleansing the Source, Tuon marrying Mat, Siuan & Leane’s escape

Rand and Nynaeve cleansing the Source was intense, fascinating, and expertly done. All the small battles and skirmishes, all the big reveals, and the intensity of the Power payed off so well.

Tuon is full of surprises, and when she chose to marry Mat shocked and delighted me. I love a good surprise even when I know something’s coming!

When reading I truly thought Siuan and Leane would perish instead of escaping, and that upset me as I loved how tough the two of them were and what a formidable force they made. Their escape had me at the edge of my seat.

Least favourite moment: any time Robert Jordan talks about how men/women are impossible to understand


I’m excited to see how the finale plays out, and how Brandon Sanderson’s writing differs from Jordan’s. Good luck to the Dragon Reborn!

Sending magic your way,
Ashe Mocaw

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