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Reading is one of my favourite time-consuming hobbies, right up there with playing video games and rewatching the same 3 TV shows. As I have mentioned before, I spent a good chunk of the past few years working my way through the Wheel of Time series. Though there were exceptions, for the most part, these were the only books I read, and once I finished and took stock of my TBR list, I realized I should stop buying books for probably a year.

I haven’t, of course. Instead I decided to do mini Twitter threads as I caught up. It is much more fun.

I started #TBRMocaw in late October, realizing how enjoyable it would be to broadcast the novels I’m reading, give them some extra attention and love, and connect with my followers who have read (or plan to read) the same books. I stick to being as spoiler free as possible, focusing on my emotions, reactions, and anything I loved about formatting or characters. Though I slowed down in November for NaNoWriMo, I’m now near done my 10th book and loving both the blogging and the reading. Here I’ll recap the novels I’ve read so far, and give a little preview of what’s coming next!

The Weight of Our Sky by Hannah Alkaf

Emotional, loving, and the best depiction of OCD I have ever read. Mind the content warnings at the start of the book, especially for the mental illness tics (which can be triggering), and the racism that drove the real life event this story is set during. A powerful debut from an author to watch. It also has a webcomic, which I highly recommend.

Shatter the Sky by Rebecca Kim Wells

Bi protagonist!!! As a bi author, I am instantly hooked on any novel where the main character has my orientation. It’s a full Asian cast in a fantasy setting (and yes, Kim Wells is Asian herself), and there are DRAGONS. It’s magical and lyrical storytelling with heart. It needs 400 sequels so I can read it forever (Book 2 is coming Fall 2020, and I hope someone scores me the ARC for it as well!)

The Themis Files by Sylvain Neuvel

I wrote a whole blog post about this series, so probably best to go read that for my thoughts. Spoilers: it’s good.

The Smoke Thieves (Book 1) by Sally Green

Unexpectedly queer and very strong worldbuilding, but it takes a bit of time to get going, which isn’t my style. Not sure if I’ll read the next, but I enjoyed this one plenty by the end.

An Ember in the Ashes (Book 1 and 2) by Sabaa Tahir

(takes a deep breath) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Best to find some content warnings before reading, but oh my. THIS is all I want from YA series. Numerous female characters who are strong in their own ways, amazing character voice and use of different POVs, heart-wrenching and suspenseful and with a redemption arc actually worthy of being called that. Please read them.

Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

I love heists. I hate Kaz Brekker. I do not think Bardugo shines with the plethora of POVs within these two books. I do not think this series/author is for me. There is magic race-bending of a white character making them Asian—I did not know going in and am still not over it. As a white person, I need to give this heads up, especially after recc’ing many books by authors of colour above.

That’s all I’ve read and blogged about so far! As for what’s coming next…well. You’ll see.

And there’s more where those came from. Especially since I can’t stop finding new, excellent books.

Sending magic your way,
Ashe Mocaw

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