Thanks to everyone who encouraged me on Twitter and Patreon. I did have to lower my goal from 30k to 20k, but I still got 22.9k written and finished A MASK OF SANGUINE’s first draft! It’s not great, but it’s done, and it’s important to draft and have something to improve.

Here’s another snippet from a little later on… with some major spoilers redacted, of course. If you like it, there’s tons more clips on my Patreon!

Magnolia Ryder has stopped walking.

His back is straight, his shoulders squared, and though I can’t see his expression I can read it from his posture. Confidence. Lack of fear. A man walking to the gallows proud of his crimes, and ready to demand his final meal.

Beatrice throws back her head and laughs, and laughs, and laughs.

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