Summer Outlook

(cracks open the coffin door) I liiiiiive…

It’s been a long and rough month for both day job reasons, writing community/Twitter reasons, personal reasons… I am very tired. But I am also on a short vacation and resting and re-energizing. Here’s my outlook for the summer!


SWAN SONG draft 1 edits are going to be starting come July. I finished draft in November 2019, and had planned to edit it sooner, but with COVID-19 and other problems, it fell to the wayside. However, this also gave me more time to think on what changes to make, and I have some cool ideas I’m excited to use! From small things like naming the remaining locations to big things like changing the set up for the sequel & major themes, I’m excited to dive back into this world.

Since I work best with two projects on the go (A MASK OF SANGUINE being my second previously, now waiting its own turn for edits…), I’ll also be working on plotting and drafting my web serial, loosely titled UNDER GEASA. It will be a love letter to the Irish myths I grew up with, and to buddy comedies, which I generally love. This story will be a lot rougher, since I intend to write it like a fanfic, but I am SO ready to engage with weekly updates again. 


I have 2 blog posts upcoming – one about my adventures playing Animal Crossing (live for my Patreons if you can’t wait), and one about redemption arcs and Groundhog Day (yes, the movie). I also plan to do another #TBRMocaw, but first that involves reading my TBR stack… shudders. As always, Patrons get all my blog posts first. Would I also say… that makes it the best? Yes.

Patreon Tier Changes (technically)

I’m going to be sliiiightly altering the Amaranth tier, to allow backers to choose from a monthly tarot reading OR a monthly aesthetic/mood board. I miss making aesthetics! People love aesthetics! It’s the PERFECT COMBINATION. This change is LIVE, meaning if you back me now, I will, indeed, make you one.

I’ve also taken the zine language out. I wish I could be making zines, but it was very reliant on things like “not having a global pandemic” and “not having medical issues complicated by the global pandemic”, so that might just be a distant dream.

As always, thanks for stickin’ around, thanks for reading, and I love you guys! The best patrons a writer could ask for.

Sending magic your way,
L.A. Mocaw

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