The Small Joys of ACNH

June was hard for many reasons, and I struggled to think of something to blog about. What could I write about? Too many personal things were happening, and while I love blogging, I don’t really do the whole auto-bio style posts. I haven’t read enough for another #TBRMocaw yet. And my writing? (hollow laughter) oh boy. So what, then, could I do to bring myself back? Could I talk about what I was doing?

Then I remembered: this is my blog, and I can write whatever I want to. So today I am going to talk about having fun in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Surprise!

ACNH in June brought us Reese & Cyrus’ wedding anniversary, where you can make a set, pose villagers and yourself, and give the two alpacas their dream wedding over and over again. With only 3 options for themes, and yet 30 days of sets, doing weddings got a little…shall we say…boring. But I do not accept boredom. Not in my casual game for children, oh no. So I got creative, seeing how many other sets I could make from wedding furniture and keeping the theme (cute, chic, or garden). Here are some of those amazing, weird, and bizarre sets I made. 

“Rest in Pieces”
Theme: Cute

What’s as much fun as a wedding? A funeral! Harvey celebrates getting his kitchen back after the suspicious deaths of the two who are running month-long photo-ops there. I’m sure he’s innocent. Raymond is signing the guestbook thing that funerals have. And since I’m Irish, it’s open casket. Duh.

“Honeymoon Gone Wrong”
Theme: Garden

Is camping ever romantic? No! It’s gross and full of bugs and plants. Thus, I sent Reese & Cyrus on a camping trip honeymoon which neither of them remotely enjoyed. Somehow I still earned heart crystals for this. I assume it was pity.

“Please Don’t Start the Music”
Theme: Chic

A full(ish) orchestra! My favourite bits in this one are Buck (distressed over when to hit the gong in the back), and how I got to make Audie and Freya look like they were actually playing the sax with the Bewilderment emote. 

“Meta Wedding”
Theme: Cute

How to use all the wedding furniture without actually marrying anyone? By making it a wedding store, of course. Our three lovely couples (Lolly & Ruby, Audie & Freya, Punchy & Raymond) shop for all their own wedding needs.

“Definitely Not a Cult”
Theme: Garden

Don’t worry, Beau isn’t being sacrificed to an elder god…probably! Just a normal group of friends gathered around dinner, waiting for dessert. 🙂 They are all in fruit clothes because I do what I want, if you hadn’t already guessed.

Theme: Chic

Neither man nor alpaca is truly innocent – me, five minutes into making a court setting with Animal Crossing villagers. Lawyer Roscoe presents key evidence after Cyrus’ damning testimony of his new bride. This is one of my favourites since a friend gave me huge kudos for remembering the stenographer (thanks Lolly!)

“End of an Era”
Theme: Chic

For the final day, I made them a nice set again. I know. Who even am I anymore? 

I honestly had a blast doing all these—I want to do them again, and it definitely made me realize how fun visiting Harv’s island could be. A big shoutout to ACNH for getting me through not just June, but the three months before it, too. Take joy in the small, fun things where you can. It helps.

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