OCs As Songs

Challenged by my dear friend, I rise to the occasion: what song would you pick for your OCs, if you only get one per character? Since I have spent the past 50 years figuring this out instead of writing, why not share!

Swan Song

Synx té Shen; Blinding by Florence + The Machine
And I could hear the thunder and see the lightning crack / All around the world was waking, I never could go back

T’almaeda Lor’waife; Push + Pull by July Talk
We’re used to the night that leaves us unstable / We’re used to the night we take more than we’re able

Murrian Obbrum; The Reckoning by Within Temptation
But soon they’ll know / The path they’ve chosen / has carved their faith in stone

Jhel té Kratt; Iron by Woodkid
I’m frozen to the bones, I am…

The Goddess; Kingdom Come by The Civil Wars
Don’t you fret, my dear / it’ll all be over soon / I’ll be waiting here / for you

A Mask of Sanguine

Magnolia Ryder; The Missing Man by AFI
There’s a missing man / easy to find, with eyes like mine

Aries Do; Bad Sun by The Bravery
Someday back when we were young / I guess something just went wrong / The two of us are hung / from the same twisted rope

Salma Azami; Viking Death March by Billy Talent
The blood on your hands left a trail as you crawl / Down on your knees you just don’t look so tall

Beatrice Grey; Black Eyes by Radical Face
My thoughts are the cold kind / I’ve got storm clouds that are brewing behind my eyes

Bonus: Under Geasa

Djrn Hunter; Lost in Paradise (Synthesis version) by Evanescence
Take it all away / shadows of you / Cause they won’t let me go

P.J.; Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback (I’m sorry)
No chain, no lock, and this train won’t stop / We got no fear, no doubt, all in balls out

Jinhwan; Beauty of the Beast by Nightwish
You told I had the eyes of a wolf / search them and find the beauty of the beast

Antonia; If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray
This will never end ’cause I want more

Well this sure took an hour to put together. Enjoy!

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