ashe mocaw outside
taken by L.A. Mocaw, 2019

Luna Ashe Mocaw is a raven trapped in a writing desk. Their works focus on positioning queer and disabled characters in classic Western-style fantasies to give people a chance to see themselves. They love worldbuilding, magic systems, and a really good looking fantasy map. Luna lives in Ontario, Canada, where they consider petting their cats a vital part of the writing process.

One day, when there is not a pandemic, they will get a proper author photo.


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Across my site in my footer you will see my personal logo, designed by Ameruu. It represents many things both about me and important to me, and I consider it my signature as much as my name. If you like my work, please consider checking out Ame’s art, since I am a big fan of hers and am eternally grateful she took on the commission.