Cast of Under Geasa


Djrn Hunter

Former Human, Hunter

  • Nonbinary (they/them)
  • Likes: reading, quiet, their crow Matcha
  • Dislikes: P.J., meetings that could have been emails

Pronunciation: the ‘j’ is a ‘y’ sound (D-yearn)


Unseelie Fae, Troublemaker

  • Cis woman (she/her)
  • Likes: mayhem, embarrassing people, her cat Dickens
  • Dislikes: Hunters, rules, being ignored

Jinhwan the Bound

Seelie Fae, Researcher

  • Cis man (he/him)
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: going uncredited, being overlooked

Antonia the First

Seelie Fae God

  • Cis woman (she/her)
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???

Maev Headhunter

Former Human, Head of the Hunters

  • Trans woman (she/her)
  • Likes: nature, farming
  • Dislikes: her employees


Unseelie Fae, Investigator

  • Nonbinary woman (she/they)
  • Likes: water, researching
  • Dislikes: focusing

Pronunciation: the second ‘t’ is a ‘ch’ sound (Stah-chya)

World of Dramez

Seelie Plane

Seelie fae are seekers of knowledge, possessing magic of ice and light. Their world has not been seen in centuries, but it was mountainous and desolate.

Mortal Plane

Where humans and former humans reside. A climate that’s neither cool nor warm, balanced between technology and nature, magic and ignorance.

Unseelie Plane

Unseelie fae are tricksters and schemers, possessing magic of fire and darkness. Their home is full of noise and colour, a welcome break after harassing mortals.

People of Dramez


Regular, non-magical folk who have jobs, watch movies, and live in blissful ignorance.

Former Humans

Regular, possibly-magical folk who have been touched by fae in such a way that they can no longer be considered human. This includes changelings, humans with fae ancestry, fae with human ancestry, and those under a fae god’s geasa.


Not-so-regular magical folk. Seelie fae possess ice and light magic and are immune to cold. They notably have wings that can appear at will and slit, cat-like pupils. Unseelie fae possess fire and dark magic and are immune to heat. They have horns or antlers on their heads, and have no visible pupils. They live on opposite sides of Dramez’s planes and tend not to interact.

Fae gods

Powerful beings who were (or are?) the creators of Dramez. They do not follow the same rules as humans or fae. Not much, if anything, is known about them. Great.