About Under Geasa

Plot Outline

Dramez is a world of layers – three planes of existence that share a physical planet and little else. Two realms of immortal fae, the Seelie and Unseelie, sandwich a world of mortals who know nothing of the other planes – or the formerly human, now quasi-immortal beings who live among them and guard them. Hunters deal with the Unseelie, juggling everything from small pranks to threats of war, and Guardians watch the Seelie, but do little else – these fae haven’t left their plane in centuries, after all.

Which makes their sudden appearance among the mortals even stranger.

The Guardians are unreachable. The Hunters are panicked. The Unseelie have to stop their pranks to handle random raids of their resources. There’s only one option: the Hunters and fae have to become temporary allies. They each send their best – Djrn Hunter, a bookish introvert who longs to retire, and P.J., a flirtatious schemer with huge ambitions. Their mission: discover what happened to the Guardians, figure out the Seelie’s goals, and stop them – no matter the cost.

The only problem? Djrn and P.J. hate each other. A lot.

AO3 Tags

Relationships: F/Nonbinary, M/M, Background F/F, Enemies to Lovers, Childhood Friends

Genres: Action, Espionage, Humour, Romance

Tropes: Gay AF, Rival Spies, Political Intrigue, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Grumpy Introvert, Flirty Extrovert, Fire & Ice Magic, Irish Mythology

Content Warnings
  • Depictions of blood and violence
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Depictions of mental illness (depression)
  • More to be added

If you have any specific CWs you need to know about, please feel free to reach out, and I will respond privately or add here.