This page lists my ongoing projects and their status, as well as offering a directory to my zine links and short stories.


Current status: Drafting

Synx té Shen knows he isn’t suited to rule a country—but he doesn’t have a choice. When he discovers he has the Gift, illegal blood magic, he’s relieved of his duty in the form of an execution order. Torn between his desire to live and his newfound fear of himself, Synx flees north, desperately following his father’s dying promise of allies. He’s taken in by a carefree knight and a distant scholar, who force him to master his power and help him confront who he is—and what he wants.

But with the appearance of mythical beasts, religious fanatics at every turn, and rumours of ancient gods returning, he might not find answers before it’s too late.


Current status: on hold

Magnolia Ryder thought his life ended when his parents died. But Beatrice Grey saved him. She asked for one thing in return: to join her crew of assassins who take out the scum of the world. Eight years later, he’s still at it—and he loves every second.

Aries Minh Tu Do became a private eye to avoid the government controlling his magic and to find his missing best friend. When he finally gets a lead, the news is not what he hoped: Magnolia Ryder is alive… but working for the most notorious criminal in the country. It’s up to Aries to rescue his former friend and unravel the tangle of lies surrounding Magnolia before it’s too late.

It may already be too late.


My father died—disappeared, as my mother says—before I was born. He entered the woods, and never returned. No one ever does.

A Grand Heist of Jewels
Detective Fortis and her protégé Gilly square off against the Obsidian Phantom Thieves in a not very thrilling (but hilarious) gift story.

The Goddess of Raya’s Biggest Mistake
Raya’s duty is to summon a god to fight on her country’s side in their never-ending war. Instead, she summons the goddess of peace.

A ragtag gang named “Prism” forms on the dystopian planet, Blemmer-8. The Boss has high goals, but the crew…? They’re a little rough around the edges.


Tua Culpa: a Zodiac curses zine
Art by QTT
as ashe mocaw

Fate, Faith, Destiny
in Story of Heroes, 2018
as mocaw

in Crosswinds, 2018
as mocaw